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Week 9
~ Oh the Noise, Noise, Noise, NOISE!

First of all, let me just say how absolutely wonderful BG has been this week. Every milestone or new age that comes along seems to be the cutest, and turning one has been no exception. Her little personality is so funny. She makes the funniest faces, and really hams it up, no matter the size of the audience. And she is such an eater – it is amazing the amount of food she can cram into that tiny body. She’ll try anything you put in front of her (although some of it is spit out if it doesn’t pass muster). I don’t think I would be ready for another baby if she wasn't so good. We have such a great time hanging out, and she still takes nice long naps twice a day or more, so I still have time to get stuff done. Everyone keeps warning me that this next baby will be the total opposite, but does that have to be true??!?

Now, onto the pregnancy – week 9 has come and gone and I am still completely exhausted. I worked full-time this week, and it appears there was some kind of conspiracy to keep me from sleeping . . . ever! My insomnia continues, so I tried some Unisom, which seemed to help me get to sleep, but it was the staying asleep that became a problem. The main issue was my dog – he is desperately afraid of storms, and by storms, I mean four clouds and a light sprinkle. Needless to say, we had some spring showers in Illinois this week, so Duke, the dog, was freaking out. He only feels safe when he is touching either DH or me, and since DH was at work and I was sleeping in my room with the door closed, he threw his body against the door repeatedly. He is also a very loud barker. I was expecting a package from UPS, so I put a note on the door asking the delivery guy not to knock or ring the bell, but the dog still barked his head off. Thanks, Duke! There are also several remodeling and yard-improvement projects going on around the neighborhood, so when Duke did settle down, a random chainsaw or hammer would start up. It was not a restful week.

But, I did have the chance to peek at the baby at work using our sono – to see a tiny little head and body with little buds waving was very comforting. I will feel even better after next week, when I get a sono by someone who knows what they are looking at. One of the problems with working in the ER is that I only see the bad outcomes. Hopefully, this pregnancy will continue on and we'll have a healthy baby in 7 months or so!

~ Cammie

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