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Candice's Pregnancy Journal

Week 4
~ Wednesday, 14 May, 2014

Today we discovered you . . .

I decided to take a home pregnancy test because I have been feeling 'different' the last few days. The truth is, I can FEEL you. It sounds unbelievable but, as tiny as you are (only the size of a grain of sand), I can feel the magic happening inside me. I want you to know from the beginning how loved you are. I don't know you yet - what you will be like; who you will look like; what colour hair or eyes you will have - but I do know that we will love you fiercely.

Know that you have been made from love, and that you were planned and prayed for. Know that even though you do not yet have hands or feet or arms or legs, you are cherished.

I will try to capture your growth on these pages so that one day I may share them with you and you will see how much you are loved.

Love always,
Your Mommy xxx

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