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Week 36
~ On Maternity Leave!

Week 35 was a very active week. I began to have a slight pinkish discharge. It scared me at first, but I only passed it a couple of times so I didn't worry about it. Then, I began to have a white discharge that I now think was due to a slight infection I had. I had an itching sensation. It has now all cleared up. I did call the doctor (God, I feel like I call him so much), and he said that none of this was abnormal.

I'm still having contractions and cramps. This has been going on since the 30th week. Needless to say that I'm disgusted and frustrated with it all. What gets to me is that all of this seems for naught. I didn't feel any of this the last times until I was in labor.

This past weekend was pretty active in the cramping department. Yet I was very busy trying to get this house like I want. Seems as though the more I do, the more I find to do. Nobody else seems to feel the same urgency that I do. It's as though I HAVE to do all of this. In other words, I guess I want the house to be perfect <smile>.

I'm now in the middle of week 36. I saw the doctor yesterday and the only encouraging news I got was that the baby has dropped. With all of the activity that has been going on, I was hoping he'd say that I'd begun to dilate. Not this week. Hopefully I'll hear those melodic words next week.

I'm officially on leave from work now. I'm extremely happy about that. It was becoming intolerable for me. It was getting harder and harder to go in everyday.

Finally, I think they're planning to surprise me with a shower this weekend. In the meantime, I won't hold my breath and am going to do a little last minute shopping. My bag is packed already but I do need to buy a new pair of slippers for myself. I already have the baby's clothes picked out.

I'm so excited! Hurry baby . . . Mama wants to hold and love you.

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