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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Carrie's pregnancy journal.

Carrie (36) and her husband, Steve, are expecting their eighth living child in late June 2007. They are the proud parents of Katie (16); Rose (13); Gaelin (10); Scarlet (6); Oliver (4); Nadia (3) and Stephen (1 1/2). They have experienced a variety of losses as well. Join Carrie as she takes us through her pregnancy to the birth of her daughter by cesarean on June 26, 2007 at 40 weeks and 3 days.

Carrie's Journal Entries

Meet Carrie

Week 4
Is Something Seriously Wrong With Me?

Week 5
Dreaming of Pink and Blue Booties

Week 6
Dizzy and Sleepy

Week 7
Tired of Being So Tired!

Week 8-9
Can I Get Off This Bus Now?

Week 10-11
Weariness, Depression, and Isolation

Week 12
Revival to My Spirit

Week 13
Is This Going to Hurt the Baby?

Week 14-15
Diagnosis: Bronchitis

Week 16
An Exciting Invitation

Week 17
The Baby Continues to Become More of a Reality

Week 18
Another Week So Soon!?

Week 19
The Weeks Are Passing Rapidly . . .

Week 20
Another Week

Week 21
There You Finally Are, Baby!

Week 22
An Especially Thought-Provoking Appointment

Week 23
Running On Empty and Feeling Down

Week 24
Am I Really Six Months Along, Already?

Weeks 25/26
GaGa For Baby!

Weeks 27/28
Another double-week-catch-up on news from babyland!

Week 29
Nothing "fun" to report

Week 30
Maybe There's Hope After All?

Week 31
I'm Plain Miserable!

Week 32
More Energy? Or Just More "Together"?

Week 33
Feeling Grandmotherly!

Week 34
Ready For Baby NOW!

Weeks 35 & 36
Nothing to Report

Weeks 37 & 38
Warning - Negative Post!

Birth Story!
Meet Rebekah Sofia

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