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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ Revival to My Spirit

There were revival meetings, each night this week, at church. Because of Steve's work schedule, I didn't think the children and I would be able to go because he would not be home. But, a dear friend offered to come pick us up, and then drive us out to the church house each evening.

As much as I desired to go, the task of getting everyone dressed and out the door so quickly after dinner was daunting. And just thinking about trying to keep an eye on all of the little ones while we were at church, without my husband's help, made me feel defeated before even trying! -- It was tempting to just stay home and use my nausea as a usual excuse.

The older three children were adamant about wanting to attend, though, and helped immensely by making supper while I tended the little ones. And then they helped prepare everyone for leaving as well.

Every single evening, when I began to feel the effects of usual fatigue fall down upon me, my spirits would begin to sag, and I would be cross and shamefully impatient with the children. But the moment I entered the church, there was a calmness that enveloped me and soothed me. I was fed and encouraged and found I could cope and react properly the remainder of the night, and into the next day. Sometimes it was the only time I felt like smiling all day!

I know it turned our week upside down to have to adopt a "new routine", and it meant later nights for the children, but I began to think perhaps church meetings should always be daily!

The worst thing I could have done would be to stay home, feeling sorry for myself. I seem to be unusually good at that. I noticed, too, that getting out of the house for a short while, and around others, kept my focus off of my nausea.

The children have been ill the last couple of weeks. I knew that it would be my turn, eventually. I tend to catch anything that is "going around". Sure enough, this week I finally got it! I have a sore throat, stuffiness and feel even more "run down" and tired than before.

I do not like taking medications while I'm expecting. So, Steve bought me some oranges, and I've been drinking a lot of water and tasty, hot, herbal teas. I've also been careful not to "skip" a day of my prenatal vitamin, and have been taking extra vitamin C.

I have "moved in" to my maternity dresses full-time, now. I feel like I can breathe, again!

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