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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Is This Going to Hurt the Baby?

After only two short days, my cold symptoms abated. I was surprised and thankful! However, coughing began shortly thereafter.

Nothing seems to help. I am concerned I will somehow disrupt the pregnancy and "hurt" the baby with all my coughing. The "fits" are uncontrollable and sometimes last for up to twenty minutes.

Baby seems to be tolerating everything in stride. His/her heart tones sound good and strong, and we can even hear the baby's movements, now!

I've been calling around to various clinics and hospitals surrounding us that are options for prenatal care and delivery. Two, in particular, really appeal to me and offer exactly what I am looking for. However, Steve believes we need to look further. He didn't like my choices; One is too distant and the other is the hospital where Violet died.

Early pregnancy symptoms are beginning to lessen. Instead of all-day nausea, I now only have several "waves" each day, that last maybe 1-2 hours. A definite improvement for which I am grateful!

My energy, too, seems to be returning . . . albeit a little more s-l-o-w-l-y than I'd like! Some of the household chores are finally seeing attention, again. It feels good!

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