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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14-15
~ Diagnosis: Bronchitis

My coughing continues with no end in sight.

An elderly friend of ours kept "scolding" me for having not gone in to the doctor. She frets over me like a sweet grandmother.

One night, after talking with her on the phone, she was particularly insistent. So, when we hung up, I pulled the medical encyclopedia off of one of our well-filled bookshelves, and was dismayed to see I fit the symptom picture of bronchitis, exactly.

When Steve got home from work, I spoke with him about my concerns. But he wasn't impressed. He thought things would improve on their own, with time. He even bought me some home remedies from the grocery one night when he left the bedroom because of my coughing (some of which were outright scary -- honey and onions!? Ick! -- But I did enjoy the hot peppers!)

I tried my best to cope. I began taking garlic and echinacea, and had lozenges (or hard candies) with me wherever I went. I continued taking my vitamin C and prenatal vitamins, and took in lots of water. But I knew what I really needed was antibiotics.

My coughing "attacks" would come, suddenly, at the least provocation. They caused me to throw up, and because my pelvic floor was weakened by the coughing, I had other, more humbling, problems as well.

My husband would leave the bedroom at night to sleep elsewhere when the coughing would start - and then continue. I felt abandoned! My chest felt tight and ached. During the daytime hours, I wished someone would just tuck me into bed and take care of me . . .

The day before Christmas Eve, my family sat down for dinner, and I suddenly began another "attack". My husband finally told me, "Carrie, get your shoes and coat." He was ready to take me in to the Emergency Unit. I think he realized it wasn't improving, and he knew I couldn't wait another 2-3 days for my old doctor to be back in his office.

My thirteen year old, Rose, went in with me to the hospital to keep me company. I was diagnosed with severe bronchitis, and was prescribed antibiotics that were considered "class B" in nature. He said they were safe for Baby. The doctor told me it would take two to three weeks before I was fully improved, but true to his word, welcome improvement began three days after beginning treatment!

Baby came through, easily. He or she probably never knew anything was amiss! But I'm sure his or her "underwater world" has a nice silence and peace to it, now!

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