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Week 18
~ Another Week So Soon!?

Has it been another week, already? I think my increase in energy has allowed me to be busier than I have been. The days are passing in a blur!

I was hoping by now I'd feel the baby moving around more. But all I can report are more of the same "subtle movements" from within. They're barely perceptible. I can't wait for the rolls and punches. That is truly the best part of pregnancy, to me. Even in the later stages, when those movements aren't so gentle any longer! It's fun to poke around, too, and gently "play" with the baby. "Is that your foot? Your head? -- I know that must be a leg!"

Have any of you who have had children, before, been able to feel the unborn baby's ribs? Or to see an outline of a foot against your tummy? Isn't it amazing?! I've been known to wriggle the baby awake just to make sure that he or she is alright if it seems too "silent" within . . . After so many losses, it's impossible to just "assume the best". I know all too well that tragedy can strike anytime. The baby's strong movements can be very comforting!

My husband encouraged me to make an appointment at a 4D ultrasound service. He got online and jotted the names of several places that are relatively close to us, on a piece of paper for me to phone and get information from. We went to one with our last baby (Stephen, now 1 1/2 years old) when I was 20 weeks along. It was interesting, and the pictures we brought home with us are precious keepsakes! I remember watching Stephen kick himself in the face and play with his umbilical cord. And we also learned that he would be a boy! -- Another fun reason to go in with this baby.

I cancelled the appointment that I made last week with the new doctor who worked within the hospital we were familiar with. My husband told me that it was just too long a wait for a first appointment, and to phone someone right here in town, instead. I did, but they still cannot get me in as soon as I'd like. The appointment will be on the 29th of this month -- 2 1/2 weeks from now. But, it's still far better than the other appointment, which was a month longer wait than that.

I am doubting the "twin" theory this week. I still can get two different heart rates. But, I have a hard time believing it is not just the same baby picked up in two different spots with the doppler. I guess time will tell . . . I will be pleased either way!

I began another afghan for Baby, already (to work alongside the pink one -- just in case!). It's in a variegated baby yarn with greens, yellows, etc . . . Much more suitable for either sex. When I tire of one pattern, I switch over and work on the other. It's great!

Some rather frustrating news -- We're all sick here at the house again. All nine of us. I think I finally found something that the children will share without a fuss: viruses! Over the counter medicines don't appear to help the children at all (the big or little ones!), and I haven't found anything perfectly "safe" for me, either. I tend to lean toward natural therapies more, in general. Especially for things like these colds we're passing around - which a body sort of has to "wait out", anyway. I have the smaller four children on an Echinacea/goldenseal blend (in a glycerin base). They don't care for the taste, but they take a chewable vitamin C wafer immediately afterward to chase away the bitterness. They are also taking a children's liquid multivitamin supplement. The rest of us are taking the same (capsule form), plus garlic and zinc. We tend to drink water at every meal, rather than other things, so we're getting our share of that as well. Hopefully we'll see relief soon!

It's funny, I feel "paranoid" about supplements, even, in relation to this baby. I wonder if this is alright, or if that is fine. For example, some say not to take garlic in pregnancy (it has a blood thinning capability), others endorse it. Same with Echinacea. Who to believe!? So, I've been doing a fair amount of "research" on natural therapies and supplements this last week to determine what is best and what is safest, particularly in relation to dosage. I have two wonderful books here at home that are a great help. One is specifically on natural remedies in pregnancy. And I've found a few websites that have been informative as well.

I just wonder how long are these colds and suchlike going to last? They have been within these four walls for over two months, now, as though trapped. We just cannot seem to get rid of the illness in the house. I do not know what to do . . . I am just praying the bronchitis will not settle in my chest again. The doctor told me it would take about 3 weeks to completely heal from my last bout, and it's been less than that.

I am happy to report that the pregnancy nausea seems to be coming to a close, finally. The only time I feel ill with it is after meals and snacks. The nausea lasts perhaps a half hour and then dissipates. No more unexpected "waves"!

Until next week, I guess there's little more to "report". Maybe next week's entry will be a little more "exciting"!

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