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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ The Weeks Are Passing Rapidly

Almost five full months along. It's hard for me to believe! Has it really been that long since we learned this new blessing was on its way? Incredible how time truly does fly!

Well, the past two days, I have wasted a lot of "battery juice" in the doppler trying to figure out for myself if there really could be two little ones playing within. Frankly, I now seriously have my doubts. I can only find one strong heartbeat, easily. If I try very hard, I can find the heart beating in another location . . . but it is hard to find it again, once I go away from the site. Doctor, or not, I diagnose myself as carrying a "singleton". And strange, or not, I'm a little disappointed. Well . . . maybe quite a bit disappointed.

We have an appointment set to go in for a 4-D ultrasound (enjoyment purposes, only. Nothing ordered by the doctor) on the 27th of this month.

Going back to the "twin theory", my husband made me smile the other night. He said he would feel a bit upset if there really aren't two "in there". (And I thought I was the only "odd" one!)

My first appointment with the doctor will be two days, later. So . . . my next update should be a little more "interesting" than this one! -- Maybe I can even share a picture or two!

Exciting, to me: My husband came home last night with stories shared at his workplace regarding others' poor hospital experiences. He said if I am only carrying one baby, he may seriously consider hiring a midwife, instead. That would mean no transfer to the hospital, unless there were complications. No interruption in pain relief found in the privacy of my own home. How I miss the atmosphere of home to labor in!

My last three babies, I "cheated" and utilized "epidural" anesthetic. But I am convinced I could do without it, again, if only I had a nice, big tub of hot water during late active and transition contractions. Until you've tried it, you'll never know what a blessing it is! I remember it was the only way I got through transition with Violet, and it helped so much, too, with the second and third babies. My hospital babies were so different than my homebirths. The monitoring and IV lines force you to be in a lying down position, and the pitocin makes contractions abnormally fierce.

I am still not feeling the baby's movements like I'd like. Have I really kept on that much weight from prior pregnancies? I know I used to feel activity much, much earlier than I seem to be, now. The only reason I can think of is that I never lost all the extra pounds from my last pregnancy. I can, of course, feel some movement right now. But it is so slight. I feel I should be feeling "bumps" and "jumps" by now. If it weren't for the doppler, I would wonder if the baby within my womb was even alright.

Well, the smaller four children are anxiously waiting on me to play a fun game of "Playdough". And even the older three have expressed interest in the "action". So, I suppose I will close this "chapter", and leave you "hanging" for the news next week will bring.

Have a wonderful week!

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