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Week 24
~ Am I Really Six Months Along, Already?

I cannot believe yet another week has zipped by! I am twenty-four weeks along, now! Six months pregnant! It honestly seems like it was only last week that I was anxiously awaiting the baby's first movements and wondering why I wasn't feeling her, yet!

The wee one is still very, very quiet. I might as well be four months along, yet! I hardly ever get to enjoy her antics, within! There's this part of me that is concerned that her lack of movements is a bad thing. I wonder if there's something wrong with her? Why is she so "lazy"? -- I am anxious to go in for that level-2 ultrasound in a couple more weeks! I need the reassurance... or at least the knowledge if there is something that isn't quite right.

baby's sweaterI finished the baby's sweater this past week. All I had left to do was the last round of stitches, and the buttons. But, it sat there a good two to three weeks, with me procrastinating! I don't know why I do that when a project is nearly completed! -- In fact, I'm doing it again, I guess! I have another maternity dress that I made myself that is nearly done, but there it still sits! And it's been two weeks, now...

Speaking of making things for the new baby, I bought some flannel to sew some new diapers for her. And that baby blanket I was crocheting? -- My children were dumbfounded when I tore all my work out, again. I just wasn't happy with how slowly it was working up! The stitches were too close together for a summer baby! She needed something more "lacy" and "open", or it will never get used! It's only about 10" long, now, but I think I'll keep on keeping on with this one. Really, I do!

I have fabric out to begin making the baby some little dresses and sleepers. She's so much more "real" to me every passing week! I'm looking forward to meeting her, soon, and am having fun preparing special things for her!

My blood pressure has remained down, so far! I feel glad for it! -- I am taking extra calcium and magnesium and am trying hard to stay busy. I also read that keeping on top of my water consumption might help. So, I'm doing that. If memory serves me correctly, my blood pressure began increasing in past pregnancies by now. But I am afraid to get too hopeful! We'll see what happens!

Somehow, I find myself surprised by my "waist growth". How do I forget I'm this large? I always seem to "miss-guess" my movements, and bump into things accidentally. I have to get my older children to help me fetch things from upper shelves in the cabinets, because my "girth" makes it impossible to reach it by myself. Not to mention the terrible, wretched sensation of my lower abdomen resting against my thighs, when I go to sit down. That is simply something I do not appreciate!

The "itching belly syndome" has begun, again. I'd nearly forgotten how this was, during past pregnancies! -- Believe me when I tell you lotion is my constant "friend" these days!

I am taking my "Red Raspberry Leaf" regularly, now, along with my prenatals and calcium supplements. And I have my eyes on some herbal "pre-labor" helps as well, for the last month. I want things to start on their own -- no induction!

My husband always smiles when he catches me reading the "nutritional information" on the back of products. I like to know how much protein I am getting, as it's so important! I also am making certain that I eat mostly foods that "count". Few "wasted calories". Lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains, etc...

Oliver is still very confused and concerned about how this baby inside of me gets nourishment. This week, he insisted that she must "jump from your belly into your throat to eat when she's hungry." Then, he paused worriedly before asking, "Is that how it happens, mom?" I've completely given up trying to explain things to him on a level he can understand. Now, I respond with a mere smile and tell him, "Don't worry so much, Ollie. God makes sure the baby gets everything she needs."

I've been feeling a little more "like myself" this week. Last week was hard to make it through. Part of my problem was just that I felt so constantly tired. Somehow, a little nutritionally enhanced "drink mix" helps me so much ("Vitasplash - Plus Calcium"). I don't know how or why... but I find that if I start my day off with a glass of it, I can make it through much, much more easily. It's sugar free, with no caffeine. But it cannot be too "natural" nonetheless, so I don't go "crazy" with it. I just have that one glassful. I only know without it, my whole family notices the difference. I am more likely to be fatigued, impatient and cross.

Well, I suppose there's not much more to note, today. I'm looking forward to another positive week, next week!

the family
L to R: Stephen, 1 1/2; Katie, 16 1/2; Oliver, 4; Gaelin, 10, at top; Scarlet, 6; Rose, 14; and Nadia, 3

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