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Week 27-28
~ Another double-week-catch-up on news from babyland!

We've been away on vacation, and just got back. (If any of you care to, you can visit my "blog" for photographs! The scenery was just gorgeous, and the children adorable!)

The day before we left, I had my second doctor's appointment in Madison. Such a long drive, and I simply cannot get used to how different this office is! -- While my blood pressure was checked, the baby's heart tones were listened to, and palpations were done to check for her positioning . . . no urine tests (for protein, sugar, etc . . .), or glucose test (to check for gestational diabetes) was done. I was told to go to the hospital lab in town to have the gestational diabetes/glucola test done, as it would be closer/more convenient. But it's a separate trip and making arrangements with the lab is a job I'd rather not have on my lap.

The doctor is wonderful in that he does not make me feel "rushed". He sits and talks, asking if I have questions. That is something new for me. While I really appreciated his care, my last obstetrician always seemed to have one hand on the door, and wasn't very validating or supportive when I had complaints or concerns.

I am beginning to feel heavier than a semi-truck. Moving about is more challenging than ever. It feels as though I must exaggerate my back to lift my tummy from the rubble! I just know if I don't, I might "tip over"! Everything feels so front-heavy, now! My husband and I went for a walk, last night. I had to keep reminding him to "slow down, please! I cannot go that fast!" My back aches more often, I notice. I don't remember having that problem with any of my other babies. When I wake in the morning, it feels so terribly cramped and pinched. And I must be careful how I sit as some part of the baby likes to lie against my lower backbone!

A dear "StorkNet" reader emailed me, after reading about my desire for a baby carrier this go-round, and shared a web page for sewing your own sling-style baby carrier. So, I ordered some "sling rings" and am determined to do so! I can't wait to get at it! I even ordered extra rings to make more as gifts!

I finished crocheting another little baby dress while on our trip. And, today, my oldest daughter helped me trace my favorite (sewing) pattern for newborn dresses. She's agreed to help me with some of my sewing "goals".

This dear baby insists on sitting "breech". I am hoping she'll soon choose to go into a head-down position, and have been considering doing some "exercises" to help her turn. But, then, maybe I'm worrying for nothing? It still is rather early to be fretting about it...

My lap has almost completely disappeared and I find it difficult (to say the least) to carry or cuddle even the smallest child. The baby within squirms and punches trying to be free of the pressure from without! Very, very uncomfortable! I've learned to seat the youngest child beside me and cuddle him that way. And, when going from room to room, I hold his hand and he walks beside me. I feel guilty, in a way, as the only time he gets held now is when he injures himself and needs consolation, or there is another emergency that requires it.

Fatigue has really, truly taken over again. The past several days have found me craving sleep continuously. I am wondering if it's just because I'm entering the third trimester or if I have iron or glucose problems...

We still have not settled on a name for the baby. Normally, we have a name chosen early on! I wonder if we'll have decided by her birth-day!

I feel hungry all the time. When I wake in the middle of the night, I think about food. It's no wonder I feel as heavy as I do... I am probably gaining more than I ought! When I go in to the doctor, I purposely look away from the scale. And I never ask what I weigh! I don't want to know!

Another week is upon me... and will unfold in all its glory soon enough! Until then... love one another with a whole heart!

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