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Week 29
~ Nothing "fun" to report

Greetings! This week hasn't been filled with anything exciting. It's much of the same. Nothing "fun" to report.

I've been experiencing even more "restless leg syndrome". It used to bother me most if I were sitting in the car for a period of time, after fatigue hit (our trip west was torture in that manner, last week!). But, now, it happens even in the afternoons. I do still find that my calcium supplements help, some. But not as well as it did, before. It is a frustrating problem. And it feels just wretched.

I am daily becoming more uncomfortable. Things "slide upward" when I'm trying to lie down for the night, and my body makes terrible noises (born in my upper abdomen and chest). I feel as though I'm gasping for air, sometimes. Other times, I have pain against my diaphragm and "gas bubbles" that get trapped.

Rolling over in bed has become a work of art, almost! -- When I finally make it to the position I desire, I wonder where the applause is. Surely such a feat deserves it!

My oldest daughter has been a great help in getting some sewing done with me. Together, we have five (sewn) dresses completed for the new baby, this week. And, we're working on more. I half-jokingly asked Katie if she wanted to help me begin my dresses, now! I'm dreading the work! They take more material, more pieces, more time! And she has more freedom to work without interruption, and is a terrific seamstress, already!

Dear Baby has continued to enjoy her "breech" position. Naughty little girl! She does occasionally "flip", but always, always returns. I am beginning to wonder where she'll be near due date! With such a tight "squeeze", her "flipping" days will be nearly over!

Speaking of "positions"... one would think my belly wouldn't be quite so "low". I wish there was something I could do to just "raise" it up a little. It makes me nutty to have it resting heavily on my lap as it does, and even between my legs (when I sit cross-legged). This sounds so petty, but it's a great irritation!

I think, think, think my husband and I have agreed on a name . . . Sophia Miriam. We'll see if it "sticks"!

I guess that's about all, for now! Maybe next "entry" I'll have something more "interesting" to share with everyone!

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