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Week 33
~ Feeling Grandmotherly!

I feel like I'm on a countdown, now!

Well, my next appointment is in a couple days. I'm looking forward to it, as I have many questions to ask. You see, I feel quite "grandmotherly" this week. My "complaint list" is very long! Just in case you don't believe me . . .

I've had problems with pubic symphysis diastasis (separation of the pubic bone), again. It is uncomfortable to stand or walk so I am on my feet less often. Some days I cannot even put one foot in front of the other. The pain can be excruciating.

I am also experiencing stronger braxton hicks contractions than I ever have with any other pregnancy. All it takes is a change of position. Any time I get up from a sitting position I get one, too. They sometimes take my concentration, as I feel them around my back and into my thighs. I cannot help but wonder what they're "doing", if anything.

The restless legs have worsened even more and I've now been battling gastric reflux which makes lying down at night quite unpleasant!

Sleeplessness has become my bedpartner. If I have fallen asleep, and am awakened, it is dreadful! I cannot get back to sleep, no matter what I do. It sometimes takes over three to four hours. This past week I had one night where I got 1 1/2 hours of sleep, total. By the time I fell asleep the sun had come out and the birds were chirping loudly!

As if this wasn't enough to grumble about, I've also begun having difficulties with something called, "Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy". This is not something new for me. Three of my other pregnancies have been plagued with this as well. The itching is unbearable! It's not only on my stomach, now. It has spread to the soles of my feet, the palms of my hands, my legs and arms and just everywhere! I've been drinking lots of extra water and taking milk thistle to try and flush things through and it's helped a little, but not completely.

This afternoon, I received a phone call from my obstetrician's nurse. She told me my hematocrit results came back, and that my numbers were too low. I am anemic. The older children went to pharmacy this evening to pick up some iron supplements for me. I am nervous about how they will sit with my stomach!

I am trying hard not to laugh at all this. I am carrying on like an elderly person on her last breath. I sound like I should be in a hospital, somewhere, or something! Is this an illness? Or a pregnancy? -- I just cannot imagine being one of those women who sails easily through pregnancy! (What is that like, anyway?)

We visited my sister-in-law this past weekend. She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her only one of the above mentioned difficulties. I wonder what she would have done had I shared my whole list! (It must be awfully nice to be so naive!)

I do have some good news on the health front, though! -- My blood pressure is still nice and low! I am so surprised and amazed! -- Now, we just need to get this baby to turn! Then I can look forward to a natural delivery rather than a cesarean! (Come, now, little one! Cooperate!)

I tired of that blanket I was crocheting. What a chore it was to keep my eyes on a pattern constantly. Every row had a different stitch rule. I would get cross with the children if I were interrupted. I knew I needed to stop and find a different pattern. My children are more important than some afghan! So . . . yes . . . I've begun yet another blanket. I am not completely thrilled with this one, either. But it is working up fast. It will suit!

My husband has become something even more important to me, this last while, if that's possible. I feel possessive and needful of him, and crave his reassurance and tenderness more than ever.

The weather has been relatively pleasant. I try to go outside more with the children. We've planted some flowers and a few vegetables and are having a lot of fun watching things come up. The colors are so pretty! This time of year is my favorite!

Now that the flowers have started to appear, the four little ones ask me if it's time for the baby to come. Early on in this pregnancy I had tried to tell them the baby wouldn't be ready to be born until it warmed up outside and the flowers were in bloom.

Today, my fourteen year old asked me, "Are you going to have the baby today?" when she noticed me in the midst of a contraction. I told her, "No, she's not ready to come yet. She'd only be about five pounds." She replied, "That's large enough!"

Everyone is anxious to meet this darling baby!

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