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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 35 & 36
~ Nothing to Report

I have nothing, really, to report. Hence, my combining two weeks into one.

My next doctor appointment is next week, Monday. They come bi-weekly, now. Maybe after that visit, I will have something of interest to share!

My blood pressure is still low. I am praying it remains that way.

Baby is still lying breech. I have tried the "tilt" exercises and have even tried "nudging" her toward where she should turn. All to no avail. My husband laughed at me when I suggested he talk to the baby low on my abdomen, and he scoffed when I mentioned using soft music, a flashlight, etc . . . I have to admit it does sound corny. But I am getting to the point I'll try nearly anything. Part of me is looking forward to the ECV (External Ceph. Version) the doctor wants to try in order to turn the baby. The other part feels resigned. Why bother? Maybe I should just go ahead and schedule a cesarean. I just feel such an utter craving for this pregnancy to be done!

It is hot. The weather is making me feel wilty. It is even harder to move, now. I feel stickier and even more uncomfortable. Headaches are a bother from the heat, too. Nausea is worse.

Waking in the middle of the night, even after only a moment of sleep, still means a bad case of restless leg syndrome. Nothing works for it, anymore. It's very annoying. Sometimes I get so frustrated listening to the deep breathing of my husband that my inability to sleep puts me to tears! It seems ironic that the one who physically needs more sleep, gets less than anyone else in the house . . .

Contractions come quite often, now. This weekend I thought it might be labor, as often as they were hitting me. During Sunday meeting, I had pains every 4-7 minutes. I couldn't wait to leave and go home to see if I couldn't stop things. I don't think I would have cared so much if the baby were in a correct position. All the way home, in the van, they continued on. When we got home, though, I drank a lot of water, ate something and tried using the restroom. They spaced out, then, to every ten minutes. A nap, later, helped further. But as soon as I was back up, they returned. By this time I accepted the fact that nothing was happening. The quality hadn't changed, and they weren't growing closer together.

I just know if I am able to go "naturally," the baby will come like all my others that weren't induced . . . late!

This weekend, we're traveling to visit the "Creation Museum" in Kentucky that just opened up. I am not looking forward to the traveling, but it will be interesting, nonetheless, I'm sure. I'm always glad after a trip that I went. It's the packing and suchlike that I dread. One of the oldest children asked, "But what if the baby comes while we're away? We won't be by Mom's hospital." Husband replied, "Then the baby arrives at another hospital." Things are just so matter-of-fact to men!

Speaking of hospitals . . . it probably means little . . . but my husband actually said if this baby would move into a safer position, he would consider homebirth, now.

I came down with a bad cold, yesterday. I feel stuffed up, and miserable! My throat feels just wretched. I hope this lasts just a short while! I am thankful it is only a minor cold, and nothing severe or harmful to the baby or myself.

As for names . . . that's still something undecided.

We're keeping everyone (even ourselves and this poor baby!) "hanging"!

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