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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ Dreaming of Pink and Blue Booties

I've been thinking a lot about pregnancy and babies, this week. "Daydreaming" about it, actually.

I am "late" for a new cycle to begin and spent the first half of this week begging my husband to "please, just pick up one of the cheapest pregnancy tests you can find. I just have to know!"

Although a unique set of pregnancy symptoms for me, the dizziness has continued and so has the strange dreaming. What else could be causing it, but a pregnancy? Additionally, I have constant cramps (and nothing is happening!), my skin is a mess, headaches have been bothering me, moodiness has worsened (if that's possible) and I am plain tired all of the time.

The number one thing that has convinced me of the liklihood of another baby on the way was when I got up from lying on my back the other day and experienced round ligament pains. I have no idea why I would have such pains, already (an old, stretched-out uterus?) but the only other times I have felt such a sensation of discomfort was when I was indeed pregnant.

Steve insisted that I was wrong. I couldn't be expecting, again. He remembered that last few times I sent him out for a test, and it turned out to be negative.

But I needed to know what was happening inside of me! It consumed my thoughts constantly! . . . So, I felt greatly relieved (and, frankly, a bit triumphant!) when the second line on the test window showed a fast "POSITIVE" result!

We have another blessing on the way!

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