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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ Dizzy and Sleepy

Uterine cramping is nearly continuous. I am concerned about miscarriage, and check constantly for bleeding.

I am still experiencing dizzy spells throughout the day, and am more exhausted than mere words could ever tell! I do only a wee bit of work, before I find that I must sit down and rest.

I fell asleep several times while rocking 1 1/2 year old Stephen to bed one night. I kept waking up to 4 year old Oliver's wondering, "Mom, why did you stop rocking the chair, again?"

I also fell asleep while talking on the phone with a widow friend of ours -- and this was sleep with dreaming! Thankfully, I must have awakened almost immediately, because she was still on the same story she had been sharing!

My emotions feel extremely "slippery" by late morning. I find I am more impatient, and more easily irritated by the children's noise and misbehavior.

I calculated my due date to fall somewhere between June 26th and 29th. I am already becoming "thicker" around my middle. Something I find shocking and disconcerting!

One thing concerns me, though. I am hardly nauseous. I feel a little "queasy" in the evenings, but that's all. And it's barely noticeable. This is not normal for me in a healthy pregnancy. Whenever I've felt this "well" in the past, miscarriage ensued.

I am trying my best to take one day at a time, and leave everything in God's careful, competent hands.

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