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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Tired of Being So Tired!

I do not know what to do! I am so awfully, consistently, overwhelmingly tired.

I depend on my late evenings, when the children are in bed, to "catch up" on things I couldn't tend earlier. But, I am too exhausted for any of it. I am deep-down-to-the-marrow sleepy, and my house is beginning to "fall apart." Already, I have a stack of laundry that would make anyone's jaw drop. But, I just cannot do it! More often than not, I succumb to the fatigue, and allow myself to crawl under the covers, early.

The older children help immensely. But, I cannot weigh them down with even more work. They're already busier, than most children their ages, helping their family. They need time to rest, too.

I've fallen behind on the children's schooling -- Something that doesn't bother them nearly as much as it does me!

So many things pull me in different directions every hour. I wish I could spend the entire day in bed. I don't want to do anything, and I don't want to be around anyone. I feel so out of sorts and incapable of giving even an ounce of myself away. I cry so easily, it's foolish.

I think I want the "old me" back, immediately! Perhaps I cannot handle another pregnancy on top of the responsibilities I already have, after all . . .

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