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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8-9
~ Can I Get Off This Bus Now?

My energy is still extremely low and the nausea lasts every hour of every day. I don't believe I've ever felt this miserable with any of my other babies . . .

I find I am constantly hungry, but every time I eat something, I regret it within a few minutes and the nausea increases in severity.

I have learned that soda crackers work to help the "gnawing" in my stomach, a little bit, as does unsweetened "orange-spice" herbal tea. This is a first for me! Crackers and tea, in the past, have never proved helpful.

Sometimes I wish Steve would have a little more compassion and sensitivity toward me. He only complains that I "never smile anymore." I feel very alone!

My intestines are constantly "gurgling" within me. It is the strangest, most annoying symptom I think I've ever experienced. There is nothing at all I can do to "quiet my insides", and everyone near me comments on the noises with a snicker. Sometimes I wish that I could "get off this bus!" -- But, of course, I cannot. And, really, would I if I truly could? - In the end, when I am holding this baby in my arms, every single bit of discomfort and pain will dissolve. With a sigh, I'll realize, "It was all worth it".

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