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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Carrie's Family StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Carrie's twin pregnancy journal.

Carrie and her husband, Tim, have been married nearly eight years. They have a terrific son, Tyler (7) and are a very active family. They were very excited about their second pregnancy - twins! Carrie vaginally delivered Caylee and Cayden at 39 weeks on July 9, 2009, both big and healthy.

Join Carrie as she takes us through her twin pregnancy week by week!

Carrie's Journal Entries

Meet Carrie

Week 15
I feel fluttering!

Week 16
Everything is Going Good!

Week 17
Things Are Going Good!

Week 18
I am considered half way!

Week 19
Good News All Around!

Week 20
Things are going as good as can be expected!

Week 21
More than halfway there!

Week 22
And Getting Bigger!

Week 23
Looking Forward to Friday!

Week 24
Another Good Appointment

Week 25
Another week down!!

Weeks 26/27
A Few More Down!

Week 28
Things Are Looking Good

Week 29
Another Good Week!

Week 30
Nearing the End

Week 31
Getting Closer

Weeks 32-35
I am doing well and the babies are doing great!!

Weeks 36-39
The Time is Near!!!!!

Birth Story
The Twins Are Here!

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