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Week 15 ~ January 30, 2008
~ I feel fluttering!

Well I am almost finished with week 15. I am about 15 weeks and 2 days. It's crazy for me to think that I have two babies growing in my belly. I don't know if it has still completely sunk in yet that I am pregnant with TWINS!!!

I had a scare last week - I put my car in the ditch on my way to work and had to go to the Emergency Room to be checked out and make sure the babies were ok. Thank God - no one was hurt and every one was alright. I had a follow up appointment yesterday and an ultrasound and everything still was fine. I was hoping we could see what the gender of the babies were but it is still a little early but the babies weren't cooperating anyway; Baby A had his/her legs crossed and Baby B was sitting on his/her bottom. It is still an amazing sight to see them.

I have my 16 week appointment next week on February 5. I will not have an ultrasound - just my normal check up. I will update you after that appointment. My next ultrasound should be week 20 - the first week of March and hopefully we can find out the gender(s) at that appointment. I have so much planning and I want to start buying baby stuff!

I am starting to feel much better. The first 12 weeks of the pregnancy I was very tired and had numerous migraines. Things have been subsiding lately and I don't get headaches as often and I seem to have a little more energy - even though there are days I am in bed before 8 pm.

I believe the babies have started to move. I feel fluttering on both sides of my belly. I can't believe my belly is already sticking out. I can't imagine what it is going to look like when I get further along.

My doctor told me since I am pregnant with twins - once I reach the 5 month mark - I will be seeing him every two weeks and once I reach the 7 month mark - I will be seeing him every week. Lots of doctor's appointments, but it makes me feel better knowing that they are going to keep a close eye on things. I just want to make sure I deliver as close to my due date as possible (July 19th). That way I know we won't be in the hospital forever. I just want to make it through the pregnancy without any complications. I want to make sure I deliver two healthy babies.

Well that is all for week 15. I will have more information to share next week after my 16 week checkup. Take care and I will be talking with you soon!

~ Carrie

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