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Week 24 ~ April 4, 2008
~ Another Good Appointment

Hello everyone! Sorry I am a couple of days late with my latest update. I apologize for those who have been following my updates on a weekly basis. Hopefully no one was worried because things are going great.

I had an ultrasound last Friday - March 28th. The babies are growing like they are supposed to and everything looked fine. They are approximately 1 1/2 pounds each. I am so happy they are getting bigger and stronger with each week. I was a little disappointed because I didn't get any good pictures. A new lady was doing the ultrasound and she wasn't as good as the normal technician. I understand when people learn a new job - things won't be the same - I just wanted the normal ultrasound technician - I will be making sure the normal tech will be conducting the next ultrasound. I am just thankful everything is good and the babies are strong and healthy!

Let me tell you they sure move around now. They are constantly moving around and it's so cool. My belly does the wave every once and a while. My son Tyler thinks it's great. He loves to be able to feel them move.

I did gain 15 pounds last month! Oh My Gosh - I couldn't believe it. I sure haven't felt like I put on that much weight. Oh well - it's OK. I just will have to be motivated to lose all the weight after the twins are born. I know I can do it.

My next appointment isn't until April 24th. I get another ultrasound. Hopefully this one I get some decent pictures. Then the beginning of May, I will have weekly appointments. Time is really going to start flying by then!

We finally finished painting the twins' room. It's finished and it looks so nice - I love the colors we picked out. Now we just need to get the new carpet put down and that is on the agenda for next month. At least we are getting things accomplished.

We started painting Tyler's room blue and he really likes the color and he enjoys helping. He is a little messy but does a good job. We have only gotten two walls out of four painted so hopefully this weekend we can get it finished.

Well the family has decided on names and I think these are definite. The little boy is going to be named Cayden Jace and the little girl is going to be named Caylee Jane. All of us really like those names. It's nice to be able to refer to them by their name instead of "babies'".

This weekend it is actually supposed to be nice! Can you believe it? It is supposed to be 62 tomorrow and 65 on Sunday - WOW - that's a heat wave! So between painting and some well needed yard work - we have a busy weekend ahead of us. It will be so nice to get outside and enjoy some nice fresh air.

Well that's about all I have for this week. Check back next week for another update.

So long,
~ Carrie

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