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Week 26 / Week 27
~ A Few More Down!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to let all of you know I am combining week 26 and week 27 together. I will be 28 weeks on Saturday the 26th.

I am feeling good. I have felt pretty good all week. I think I am somewhat getting used to the Medicine I have to take. I don't think I will get completely used to it but I am starting to tolerate it.

The weather is starting to get warmer - it's nice being able to go outside and enjoy some sunshine. Especially since we have been cooped up inside all winter.

We finally are done painting which is so nice. Now we just have to get carpet laid in two rooms. We are hoping to get that done by the end of May.

My next appointment is April 24th. This will be my 28th week appointment. Statistically Caylee and Cayden should weigh around 2 pounds each and should be around 13 inches long. It's crazy to think these little babies are growing that big inside my belly. I am excited to see them and hope to get some more ultrasound pictures. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the new ultrasound technician knows how to take better pictures this time. Last month I did not get very good pictures and it was kind of depressing. As a mother, I look forward to those!

After my 28th week appointment - which is this Thursday - I start going to weekly doctor's appointments. One week I will see my OBGYN - the next week I go to the hospital so the babies can be monitored and make sure I am not having contractions. So things are going to start picking up. The weeks are going to fly by. I hope so. I am getting bigger each day and it's getting more difficult to get around and sleep - so I am getting to the point where I am ready for the pregnancy to be over. I know I have 2 1/2 - 3 months left - but it's the truth. I don't get much sleep and my body aches. I think I have gained around 42 pounds so far. I have had back issues before pregnancy - and with pregnancy it does intensify the pain. Sometimes I have a hard time sitting for a long period of time - then at other times - I have difficulty standing for a long period of time. The joys of pregnancy! Gotta Love Them! I do however, love feeling Caylee and Cayden move - they are moving around all the time. It is so cool. I love it. It's neat to see my belly do the wave.

Well - other than that - nothing much new - just taking things day to day. Things are going good though and it is even nicer when I have such a great support system at home. My family takes good care of me!!!

That's all for this week! Check back next week for another update. I will send the update after I have my appointment.

Have a great week and talk with all of you soon!!

~ Carrie

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