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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31 ~ May 20, 2008
~ Getting Closer

Hello everyone. This week is my 31st week of pregnancy. Can you believe it? I can't believe I am getting closer to the end. I am hoping we can make it at least until 36 weeks. I am getting excited and can't wait to see Caylee and Cayden.

This is my last week of work. It's going to be weird staying at home and not working. I am a person who seems to be on the go most of the time so it will be nice just be able to relax and get prepared for my little bundles of joy to enter the world. I definitely could use some extra rest because I don't get much sleep at all. It is so hard to get comfortable.

This week I have my 32 week ultrasound appointment and 32 week check up - plus another NST (Non Stress Test). Caylee and Cayden should weight some where around 3 - 3 1/2 pounds now and should be about 14-15 inches long. They can't have much more room. My belly feels like it can't stretch any more. It itches all the time. The past two weeks during my NST testing, I have had some small, mild contractions so I am assuming it will be the same result this week. I feel a lot more pressure in my pelvic area and it feels like my stomach has dropped a lot over the past couple of weeks. The doctor keeps telling me "Keep those babies in there!" Well I am trying - but it is a lot easier said than done!

I had my work baby shower last week and one over the past weekend. I got a lot of wonderful things. The babies' room is overfilling with large amounts of clothes and diapers - which is a good thing. I received two large boxes of diapers - 264 count each. I definitely will use all of them that's for sure. I have another baby shower this weekend. Hopefully I get the rest of the things I need. It is actually a barbeque where kids and hubbies can attend. That will be nice. It's always nice to be able to include the husband's and children.

I have been busy lately and have seemed to feel like I have been overdoing it a bit. I am so tired in the evening time I just feel like I could crash. It's going to be so nice not having to work - maybe I can get some of my energy back and focus on the well being of myself and my babies.

Other than that - things are right on track and going well. I am to the point where I wish I was 36 weeks today! I am an impatient person and can't wait to see what and who Caylee and Cayden will look like. I think about them all the time. I am so excited!

Well that is about it for this week. I will send another update early next week and let you know how my 32 week ultrasound appointment and check up went.

Talk with all of you soon,

~ Carrie

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