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Carrie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 36 - 39
~ The Time is Near!!!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I have posted and information but I have been extremely tired and extremely busy getting ready for the Caylee and Cayden to arrive.

I can't believe I have almost made it through my 39th week of pregnancy. It seems like it has taken forever. But I am so glad I almost made it full-term. It's much better for the babies.

Last Week at my 38 Week Appointment the doctor told me I do have to go for one more non-stress test Wednesday but then July 10th is the day! So this Thursday - my husband and I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 am. The doctors will take an x-ray of my belly to determine which position the babies are in. If they are in a position to deliver vaginally they will induce me. If not - then I will have a c-section that day. I am so excited but getting a little nervous. I just hope everything goes well and Caylee and Cayden are healthy and strong and can go home with us.

We are ready for our bundles of joy to arrive. We are prepared and can't wait to see them. In less than 48 hours we will go from a family of 3 to a family of 5!

Our families are extremely excited too! They want to see the babies just as much as we do. We can't wait. This is such an exciting part of life and it's almost here!!

I just want them to get here so we can get on a schedule and get into the swing of things. We have been preparing so long for this. We are READY!!!!

Well I just wanted to send a quick update and let everyone know the good news. As soon as I can - I will post another update letting all of you know how the delivery went and I will include a picture of the babies.

Thanks for everyone's support throughout the pregnancy! Take care and talk with all of you very soon!

~ Carrie

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