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Casey's Pregnancy Journal
Casey and her family
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Casey's pregnancy journal.

Casey (26) is a clinical research coordinator. She and her husband, Tim, have been married over three years and are the proud parents of a son, Ryan Jerome. They joyfully conceived another baby, and Natalie Nicole was born at 41 weeks on July 26, 2007.

Casey's Journal Entries

Meet Casey

Week 8
A Busy, Busy Week

Week 9
Getting Ready for the Holidays

Week 10
It's Finally Official!

Week 11

Week 12
Baby Names

Week 13
Where's the Bump?

Week 14
Uneventful Week

Week 15
The Bump Emerges

Week 16
Feeling the First Flutters

Week 17
New Sleep Schedule

Week 18
Sneak Peek

Week 19
Early Nesting

Week 20
Growing Excitement

Week 21
Family stresses

Week 22
It's a . . .

Week 23
More nesting

Week 24
Pregnancy Complaints

Week 25
The Sickies

Week 26
Feeling Good

Week 27
Hungry and Tired

Week 28
Test Results

Week 29
Just what the doctor ordered

Week 30
Mother's Day

Week 31
No More Room

Week 32
Getting Prepared

Week 33
Taking It Easy

Week 34
A Relaxing Weekend

Week 35
Has She Dropped?

Week 36
No Action Yet

Week 37
Just waiting for our girl

Week 38
Not Too Optimistic

Week 39
She's still not here!

Week 40
Getting ready to induce

Birth Story
Natalie Nicole, July 26, 2007 at 2:40pm

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