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Birth Story!
~ Natalie Nicole, July 26, 2007 at 2:40pm

NatalieOur little girl has arrived!!! After all our at home remedies for induction, nothing worked, so we arrived at the hospital super early at 5am on July 26th for our induction. I was actually relatively calm about the whole thing, I had expected to be up the entire night before with nerves but I was somehow relaxed and just found peace that this was what was supposed to happen.

We arrived at the hospital and met our nurse, our doctor had said she was the best, and she did end up being a great asset to us, very kind and helpful. I think labor and delivery nurses are a certain breed, all the ones I've came in contact with are so caring and understanding. They started my pitocin right away, probably by 6am, started the penicillin for my group b strep and we were on our way. Our doctor came by about 7:30am and checked me, still only 1 1/2 cm! I was so depressed to hear that! I had basically been 1 1/2 cm for 3 weeks and I'd had pitocin for over an hour with no progress!!! He broke my water, which was somewhat relieving; I guess the pressure being released is what made it more comfortable. So he increased my pitocin and we played the waiting game some more.

My contractions finally started to kick into high gear; I could mostly feel them in my back which was really intense. The nurse kept offering to order the epidural but I was so worried that I wasn't progressing; she talked me in to ordering it sooner than later since I knew I did want it eventually, and I was glad I did. Just in the time from when she ordered it to when they arrived to give me the epidural my pain was really intense and I was ready for relief! The epidural went well; it hurt a little more than I remember with Ryan, but very well worth it. I basically didn't feel any pain for the rest of the labor and delivery. What was really surprising was when they checked me after the epidural, I had progressed to a 6! I was so excited, I was so afraid they were going to say, "Oh, you're about 2 cm".

Casey and NatalieSo we waited a couple hours more and they checked me again and I was about an 8 1/2. We were getting closer! This whole time baby's heart rate was good and steady, which was so encouraging since with Ryan's labor his heart rate had been so erratic and made us worry the whole time. After a bit longer I started getting the chills, then I started getting so hot, I wasn't sure what was going on. Then my heart rate basically doubled and I could feel my heart beating really fast. So I called for the nurse and told them I just didn't feel good; they checked me again and I was at 9 1/2 with just one little bit of cervix left on one side. So they said I might feel better if I started pushing; they thought I could push through that little bit of cervix. It did feel good to sit up and try pushing. Looking back on it the nurses said I was probably just going through that "transition" phase with the chills, sweats, and increased heart rate. I pushed for awhile, which was much harder than I ever thought. The baby wasn't moving all the way down into my pelvis so we tried pushing on my side, alternating every few minutes.

Then the baby's heart rate dropped really low suddenly. So of course they pull out the oxygen, page the doctor, the whole scary scenario, and I'm in tears. By the time the doctor got there, the baby had already recovered, and he okayed us to keep pushing, but we didn't try the side pushes any longer. He told me I still had a lot of pushing ahead since she still needed to come down a bit. Oh joy, more pushing I thought! So we pushed, and pushed. When I say we, I mean me, Tim by my side helping hold my leg, my mom behind me pushing my back and getting me cold washcloths, and the nurses, it seemed like everyone was pushing with me. They kept encouraging me but it really felt like we weren't getting anywhere; they assured me I was doing a good job but it was such hard work.

Daddy with Ryan and NatalieFinally they felt like we were getting close enough that they could call the doctor back in. Her head was finally starting to show, and once he arrived things moved fast. I pushed a few more times and they were able to get her out. I pushed for a total of 2 hours, I did tear, and was very bruised and swollen, but she was out, and I had successfully completed a VBAC, yeah!!!! I couldn't really believe I had done it; I was confident this labor would be different than my past experience but I always felt there was a good chance I'd end up with another c-section, but it worked out.

Natalie Nicole officially entered the world at 2:40pm. They pulled her out and put her on my tummy and I couldn't believe how much she looked like her big brother. She was beautiful, covered in goo, but still beautiful. It was such an experience to feel her come out of me. I didn't think she looked too big, maybe 7 lbs but the doctor commented right away when he pulled her out how big she was. When they finally weighed her she came in at 8lbs. 13oz. I couldn't believe it! The nurses said I should be pretty proud, that a lot of women end up with c-sections due to babies that big. She looked great to me though; she had a good amount of black hair and was just as sweet as could be. She nursed right away and has been a great baby, sleeps a lot - even at night and doesn't fuss unless she's hungry.

NatalieRyan loves his sister. He's learning to be gentle with her and gives her lots of kisses. It's definitely been an adjustment learning to care for two kids at once, but it's getting easier every day. I'm really enjoying being a mom of two; it just seems more fulfilling somehow, like I am so lucky to have two of them!!

The recovery from the delivery has gone okay, I was not prepared for how swollen and sore I would be, but it's getting a little better each day. With the prior c-section everyone says how much easier a vaginal birth is to recover from, so I think I just kind of passed over the recovery part. Because there is still some "recovery" involved! I probably shouldn't have been so na´ve to that. But overall I am so happy with our choice and so glad we decided on trying the VBAC. It's been so nice sharing our story every week and thanks for listening; it's been a great journey!

Natalie Nicole
July 26, 2007 at 2:40pm
8 lbs, 13 oz; 21 inches

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