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Week 13 ~ January 15, 2007
~ Where's the Bump?

Well, I'm almost ready to start my fourteenth week as I write this and I'm left wondering where is the baby bump? I really thought that by now I'd be showing. I've always heard that with your second pregnancy you'll show quicker than your first. I think I started showing right around the fourteenth or fifteenth week with Ryan so shouldn't I be showing at least a little bit?? I was so certain that I would wake up one of these mornings during the twelfth or thirteenth week and it would have just popped out overnight. I even cleaned out my entire closet this weekend and put away all the skinny clothes and replaced them with all my maternity clothes in hopes that I'd be on the road to wearing them.

I guess I'll just wait it out; it's bound to pop up soon, I hope!

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