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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16 ~ February 5, 2007
~ Feeling the First Flutters

Well the bump is growing and I'm starting to definitely feel some movements. I feel little flutters and jabs, but when I put my hand on my tummy I don't feel much, so it's still all on the inside, nothing strong enough to be felt by the outside. I love laying in bed at night and feeling the little one move around. It's kind of like all day I'm so busy that I sometimes forget I'm even pregnant, but then finally at the end of the day I get to have some one on one time with the baby.

We had a busy week this week. Ryan has been climbing out of his crib periodically so we decided to buy him a big boy bed this weekend. We've decided we're going to keep Ryan's current room the "nursery" for the new baby since it's in neutral colors and we won't have to take down the crib. So now I get to begin the huge undertaking of clearing everything out of our current guest room and converting it into Ryan's new bedroom. I've been buying sports stuff for his room so we're going to re-paint and make it more of a big boy room for him. Hopefully he won't mind giving up his nursery. At least for the next few months he'll really have 2 bedrooms, so maybe that will make it easier for him.

Other than that not a whole lot going on, the suspense is killing me to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl. Unfortunately we still have a month and a half to go before we'll find out. I'm really starting to think it's a boy though. Which is fine with me, I just want to know!!! I've done all the gender prediction tests on the internet and almost all of them say it's a boy; I think one said it was a girl. I did them when I was pregnant with Ryan and they all came out saying it'd be a boy, and they were right. So we'll see if they're correct this time . . .

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