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Week 18 ~ February 20, 2007
~ Sneak Peek

Well this week was exciting, and a little disappointing.

I was at work early in the week and one of the girls I work with is about 11 weeks pregnant. She decided to have our ultrasound tech do an ultrasound for fun, just to see what the baby was looking like. I work in an Arthritis clinic, so our ultrasound tech is trained at looking at joints, not babies, but we still had the equipment available. So, she had her do an ultrasound and it was very exciting. The baby was just a little outline, but fun to see. So, then the girls wanted me to do it. At first I said no way, because I felt bad getting to see the baby without Tim plus I didn't want to find out the sex unless Tim was there, and I wanted my doctor giving me the news, not our ultrasound tech. But, I thought, if I didn't see the lower part of the body where we might see the gender, then it'd be okay. So I did it, the tech did the ultrasound and the baby looked great! He/She was so big! You could see the whole spine, the heart, the brain, it was amazing. The baby was moving his arms and even sucking his thumb. We didn't see any "gender signs" but it was so nice to see the baby. When I told Tim he wasn't mad at all, he was just disappointed I didn't find out what gender it was.

Then on Friday I had my 18 week appointment, my ultrasound isn't scheduled until week 22. We saw the doctor and he talked about doing the ultrasound at the next visit and I told him we were dying to find out what we were having and he said he'd go ahead and do a quick peek to see what it was. I was so excited! We were going to find out the gender that day!!! I would finally know what were having and I'd be able to start shopping for cute pink stuff, or some more cute boy stuff. The doctor did the ultrasound and right away we could see that the legs were tightly snug together. We tried rocking the baby, me moving around, and nothing would change the baby's position. So, after about 10 minutes of trying, he finally gave up and said we'd have to wait until next time, he couldn't even get a slight view to give us a guess. I wasn't mad, just a little disappointed that I'd have to wait longer, this baby is already being stubborn! Hopefully it's not a sign of what's to come once he/she is born. The doctor said it's just a sign that the baby is shy, and not wanting to "show off" for us; let's hope that's it.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on, our Valentine's Day was great. Tim spoiled me with flowers, chocolates, and a lunch date. Ryan got spoiled by us and all his grandparents and aunts and uncles. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother buying him stuff when he gets so much from other people, but it's hard to not get caught up in the holidays. I'm sort of a holiday freak, I love any reason to celebrate or make a day special. We also had a nice long weekend with the President's Day holiday. I was off of work so I finally got caught up with some much needed chores around the house. I think I literally had 10 loads of laundry to do; how can 3 people, one of them being so small, produce so much laundry??? It makes me really wonder how I'll keep up with it once I have one more baby to add to the mix. It makes me really wonder how some moms do it with more kids. My mom had 4 kids and I never remember laundry being a big deal???? There must be some secret out there that no one is telling me . . .

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