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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19 ~ February 28, 2007
~ Early Nesting

CaseyThis week has been pretty mundane other than my desperate need for organization and cleanliness. I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy, our house seeming smaller as our family grows, or the thought of spring, but I definitely have caught the cleaning and de-clutter bug. I've become obsessed about getting rid of clutter, or anything we don't want or use anymore. This past weekend we cleaned closets and I was constantly asking my husband if I could get rid of things, some were his childhood belongings (his mom kept everything!), and some stuff was just household things we don't need/use anymore. Needless to say, our trash cans were heaping and I feel so much better getting that stuff out of my house. Hopefully it'll mean more room for the baby and a less stressed mommy!

I've been feeling good this week, I usually have plenty of energy or no energy at all, which probably means I overdo it, but I'm not sure. Maybe that's just normal. I included a couple belly pics; it's finally getting to be noticeable. I had a discussion with my husband over whether I look like a mom that just hasn't lost the baby weight from her first one, or do I look five months pregnant? He, of course, said I look pregnant, but he also knew that was what I wanted to hear. Let's hope he's right!

Ryan and Mom

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