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Week 21 ~ March 12, 2007
~ Family stresses

Well this week has been busy and stressful. First off, my mom and step dad are going through a separation, and are contemplating getting divorced. My mom and I are extremely close and so I've been busy trying to help her sort things out and just trying to be there for her. They've been married for about 10 years and it's been rocky the whole time so I can't say I'm very saddened by the news. I think she'd actually benefit from a divorce because her marriage has gotten too stressful. My step dad has been trying to kick an alcohol addiction, but he's not being successful. I think she's in a very unhealthy situation and I'd like to see her free from that. This also brings stress into my little family because I now have a step-father that wants to see Ryan, but I don't really know how to handle that. I don't want to say that he can't ever see him, but it's hard for me to be around someone who I think is destructive and unhealthy. So, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks, but I assume this situation will continue to play out for the next few months; divorces are never quick or easy on anyone.

The other stress is my husband's job. Tim works for a major grocery retailer as a corporate manager. His company just got bought out by another major company and now the jobs are mostly being re-directed to Minnesota. So, his job will more than likely still be needed, but there's a good chance it won't be in Boise. We've made it very clear to his boss that we will not move. It just wouldn't make sense for us; we have both of our families here, free childcare, and I love my job. The hardest thing would just be taking our children from their grandparents. They adore them, and it's such a huge help to have them. I don't think any monetary raise in income could replace what we get from that relationship. So this means that if his job does move, we won't go and he'll be laid off. There is a possibility his job will stay here, or he could work from home, but those are details that we don't know yet. We're hoping to know something in the next 2 or 3 weeks. But it makes it hard to plan anything not knowing if your husband will be employed in the next month. Ironically Tim was laid off of his previous job when I was pregnant with Ryan. It was a complete surprise to both of us, so it was very difficult and scary. But, we did fine, he found his current job within about 4 or 5 weeks and has loved it ever since and we were able to not have to suffer financially. So I pray and hope that if worst comes to worst and he does get laid off the same thing will happen. I have always gone by the motto, "everything happens for a reason", so I will continue to believe that since it's all worked out in the past.

The baby is doing great, kicking like crazy. I've decided this little guy has got to be a boy because it sure feels like he's playing soccer in there. Tim finally felt his kicks this week, which I always love because it makes him feel a little more connected to the little one. We have our ultrasound on Friday and I am soooooo excited, I can hardly stand it! I want to know for sure what we're having, I need to come up with a creative way to tell our families. When we found out Ryan was a boy we met our families for dinner that night and had went by a bakery on the way and had them write on a big chocolate cake, It's A Boy!, so then after dinner we had the waiter bring it out and everyone was very excited. It made for a very cute picture in the baby book too. So, maybe something like that again would be fun, I'll have to start thinking about it. I'm also planning a little shopping trip once I find out the news, I'm not going to go too crazy, but I've got to buy a few things in either blue or pink, since I've had to hold back these last 5 months.

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