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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23 ~ March 26, 2007
~ More Nesting

The nesting instinct has definitely hit hard this week. I've officially worn myself ragged cleaning and organizing our house. I did accomplish a lot, but my body is now paying for it. I've got a horrible low back ache and my feet hurt so badly. I'll have to take a few nights off to recuperate. My husband just shakes his head as I tear around the house vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and scrubbing. He does help, but for the most part I'm a control freak and want it done my way. He definitely does his share, and he's been busy doing a lot of the outdoor yard work so that gets him off the hook a little bit.

I've also been busy getting the nursery ready for our little Natalie. I found some cute room decorations and started putting those up this weekend. We also raised the crib back up to the newborn level and got it all decked out with the bumper, sheets, mobile, etc. It's really starting to look good. I picked out some cute fabric for blankets and pillows so my mom is busy sewing those. I need to get a few more cute things for the wall and then we'll be all set.

I have an aunt and 3 cousins that are coming to visit this weekend. I'm super close to them; I grew up with all brothers so I basically adopted them as my sisters. So, they'll be here this weekend, I'm sure that's partly why I've been in a cleaning frenzy plus I really want to have the nursery done so they can see it. I'm looking forward to their visit; we always have so much fun together. I'm sure we'll do some shopping. They're all so excited for this baby girl to arrive that I'm sure we'll hit the mall for a girl's day out.

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