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Week 24 ~ April 3, 2007
~ Pregnancy Complaints

Okay, I'm going to use this entry to vent my complaints for the week. I've overall had a great pregnancy so far, with few hardships, but this week some of the bad things that go along with pregnancy have finally gotten to me.

First, my feet ache! They are swollen by the end of each day and I have to elevate them at night with a pillow to make them feel better. Part of this is my fault, because obviously they feel worse if I am on my feet all day, but I just can't sit around and do nothing! Pedicures feel great, like heaven actually, but who can afford pedicures every week??? Secondly, waking up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom is really getting old; I'm now getting up twice, always around 3am and then again about 5am, this really cuts into my restful sleep. And last, but not least, the breast changes are awful! They are also swollen and ache, I hate the fact that they change so much and don't even resemble what they used to look like.

So, those are my complaints. Other than that everything is going okay. The baby is kicking like crazy; she tends to keep me up in the evening with her jabs, but I don't really mind. I had a great weekend with my cousins and aunt who were visiting from out of town. We did some baby girl shopping and had some fun dinners out. All in all it was a lot of fun, even with the aching feet! I've got a busy weekend ahead with Easter. I'm looking forward to dressing Ryan up in his adorable Easter outfit and getting some good pictures. He should be able to do an egg hunt this year, and we're going to attempt to dye eggs, which should be very interesting, and messy!!

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