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Week 25 ~ April 10, 2007
~ The Sickies

Well it was turning out to be such a great Easter weekend, and then the sickies came through our house. Ryan got a stomach bug last Friday. He had diarrhea all day and was super lethargic and cranky, so I stayed home with him all day and we just hung out. I felt so bad for the little guy. He missed his cousin's birthday party too, but I just couldn't bring him around those other kids with the thought of him passing it along.

Saturday ended up being a pretty good day; he seemed to be feeling better so we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at my grandmother's assisted living residence, and it was a lot of fun. He did great hunting eggs, he got to pet a real bunny and we had a nice lunch with all the nice old people! That night we went out for dinner and then dyed eggs at home. Ryan is still a little too young for the dying eggs thing; all he wanted to do was throw them! But it was a good day. Then, Sunday morning, (Easter morning), I woke up with the stomach bug! Since then I've basically been out of commission. I couldn't eat anything, my stomach was in cramps all day, and I just felt miserable. It's so hard trying to be a mom when you're sick. Thankfully my husband helped with most of it, but it was still hard not being able to do anything. Finally on Monday night I started to feel better, but I missed out on Easter dinner, and doing an egg hunt for Ryan at our house, so that was kind of depressing, but I guess it could have been worse.

I also worried about the baby while I was sick, I could hardly eat anything, so I obviously worried that the baby wasn't getting enough nutrients. Hopefully she's doing okay in there; I was able to keep down fluids, so I'm hoping that's helped. I go to the doctor this week, so I'll mention it to him, and I know he's planning on doing another ultrasound at this next visit, so I'll feel reassured once we get done with that appointment. She's been kicking like crazy each evening, I told my husband that this girl is definitely going to be a soccer player with all these jabs I'm feeling, I never felt kicks this hard with Ryan!

- Casey

P.S. Here are some pics of our Easter weekend, before the illness had taken me out!


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