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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27 ~ April 25, 2007
~ Hungry and Tired

This week the pregnancy cravings have hit strong! I'm hungry all the time. I had read that these few weeks of development with the baby are when the baby grows the most, and it seems to be very accurate. My belly seems to definitely be stretching more this week and getting bigger. And it's just becoming more of a challenge to stay full. I feel like I'm either eating or planning my next meal all day long. The cravings haven't been anything too bizarre, ice cream, lemonade, any type of baked good like muffins, donuts, all the good stuff! The one weird thing that I've been craving is ice chips. I love chewing on the ice, especially at night. I'm not sure what this means!

I had my glucose test this morning, so hopefully I won't hear any bad results from that. At this time in my pregnancy with Ryan I was found to be anemic, so I'll be anxious to see if that test comes out okay. I have felt a little more tired this week. I'm just exhausted at the end of the day. My energy level had been really good up until this week, so if I am anemic it might make sense, but we'll see.

Some of the girls I work with are throwing me a baby shower this week. There are actually three of us that are all pregnant and due this spring/summer so it's a three-way shower; it should be a lot of fun. One of the girls knows she's having a boy, I know I'm having a girl, and the other gal is not finding out, so there will be the perfect mix of blue, pink, and yellow. Needless to say, anyone who doesn't want to be pregnant isn't drinking the water at our office; the pregnancies definitely seem to be contagious.

I'm looking forward to the shower and getting some more stuff ready for our little girl. Our nursery is pretty much complete; I need to hunt down a few more things that we have in storage like our bouncy seat, changing table, and our bassinet. I also sent in all my pre-registration info to the hospital this week; it's getting scary that the due date is getting closer. Three months go by so fast so I know it'll be here in no time!!!

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