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Week 28 ~ May 2, 2007
~ Test Results

So I got my results from my glucose test, passed with flying colors, yeah!!! But, the doctor's office called me and said that my iron levels were dangerously low! So, I'm now taking iron supplements twice a day, in addition to my prenatal pill. So far I have noticed a bit more energy, so hopefully it's working. I guess this little girl is just taking all the iron from my body for herself. This same thing happened when I was pregnant with Ryan, but my levels weren't nearly as low. I was on an added supplement once a day, but they never seemed quite as concerned as they did this time. The nurse that I talked to about it acted like she was surprised I was even making it through a work day with my levels so low. Anyway, it wasn't great news but I think everything is being taken care of now.

I had my baby shower at work, along with the two other ladies in my office that are pregnant. It was a lot of fun, and I got some adorable stuff for our little Natalie. She got a ton of onesies, in all different sizes thank goodness. My favorite item was a diaper bag that's super cute; it's pink and brown and very nice. It was stocked with some great items too. I've got everything in her closet; the next step will be to start taking the tags off and washing it all, getting it ready for her arrival. I love that part, it seems more real that she'll be coming home soon and wearing all these cute clothes. I still haven't found a "going home" outfit for her, I'll know it when I see it though.

We leave tomorrow for our trip to San Diego and I am so excited! I am sooooo ready for a vacation. Our last real vacation was when Ryan was about 7 months old, we went to New York City and it was a vacation, but a lot of work traveling that far with an infant. This should be a little more relaxing I hope. I think Ryan is going to love the zoo and SeaWorld. The plane rides should be interesting but I've stocked up on a few new toys that should peak his interest. Hopefully we'll luck out and get a few naps out of him on the plane too. I told my husband he'd probably have to be the one to hold him the entire flight because with my belly I don't think he'd even fit between me and the seat in front of us. Those planes are so small as is, the added pregnancy belly isn't going to help.

Anyway, that's it from me for now, I'll hopefully have a fun vacation to write about next week and a nice golden tan too!

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