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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30 ~ May 14, 2007
~ Mother's Day

This last Sunday was Mother's Day, and it was overall a great weekend. We went out on Friday night with some friends, which was fun, but would have been more fun if I would have been able to partake in the occasional margarita. But it was still nice to have a night out on the town with just adults. Tim's parents kept Ryan overnight for us, and he did great. It was nice to have a night off from the bedtime routine and early morning wake up call. We hit a couple neighborhood garage sales Saturday; I'm not really an avid garage seller by any means, but we've been looking for some backyard toys for Ryan and I thought garage sales might be the way to go. We actually did pretty good; I found him an outdoor slide and a play kitchen. He LOVES the little kitchen. Once I got it cleaned up and bought some accessories like pots and pans he started playing with it and it really occupies him for quite a while. I also found an infant car seat that looked brand new. We already have one infant car seat, but I really wanted an extra for the second car so we're not always having to switch the car seats out, plus it'll be nice to have an extra in the event our parents want to take the baby for the day or something like that comes up.

On Sunday we just cleaned house and ran some errands. Tim got me a prenatal massage gift certificate from the kids so I'm very excited to use that! My back has really been hurting so it should feel great. He also got me a new pair of really cute Nikes, and those feel great on my feet. They were great gifts for a pregnant girl! We had a little barbeque Sunday night with Tim's parents so that was a nice way to cap off the weekend.

I had another OB appointment this last week. Everything went smoothly. I've now gained about 15 pounds. My blood pressure was still good. The baby measured perfectly so it was good news all around. I can't believe how close we're getting. I have to say I'm starting to look forward to the due date, my body just seems to be aching more and more. I know it's in direct relation to what I do in a day, but everything is really starting to hurt and I'm starting to look forward to having my body back to myself. I love carrying our little girl and feeling her kick, but she's getting a little heavy at this point!

The due date approaching also brings a little bit of worry and anxiousness about labor. I'm trying for a VBAC so I am still apprehensive about going into labor, what the contractions will be like, how the epidural will feel, how will I do with pushing, will I tear?? All those great questions that haunt you until the day arrives. I'm trying to keep positive about it and not worry too much, but those little thoughts keep edging their way into my head.

I am starting to really look forward to my maternity leave. I'm planning on taking a full 8 weeks off of work and then coming back part time for 4 weeks after that. Then I'll go back to my normal 30 hour work week. It sounds nice to have 2 months off in the summer. I know I'll be super busy with the 2 kids, but I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to take walks in the morning and just relaxing with the baby during the day, not having to do the normal rush every morning taking Ryan to my in-laws, getting into work and seeing patients, then doing the evening routine of picking Ryan up, making dinner, cleaning up the house, playing with Ryan, and then literally falling into bed each night exhausted! I'm sure my staying at home time will be tiring with a newborn, but it'll be a different kind of tired.

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