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Week 31 ~ May 22, 2007
~ No More Room

CaseyIt officially feels like I've gotten as big as I can get with no more room to spare. My stomach feels so stretched and bending down is now impossible. I'm really starting to get short of breath any time I exert myself at all. Taking a load of laundry upstairs or carrying Ryan upstairs just about kills me! I'm definitively looking forward to having my body back to myself. So, there are my pregnancy complaints for the week. Everything else is good . . .

This week was pretty uneventful, which was nice. We did finish our new "playroom" for Ryan and the future baby. We had a huge storage closet underneath our stairs that is the perfect little playroom for kids. So after much re-arranging of our things that were in storage we were able to clean it out completely, wire it for good lighting, and then this weekend we were able to move in some of Ryan's toys. So far it's been a big hit with him and it's nice to have the extra space for all the toys. Our living room now looks more like a living room than a kid's playroom. It's just in time to get all the baby stuff back out, I figured the baby swing and bouncy seat will take the place of some of the toys we just got out of there.

Our nursery is now pretty much complete, so I included a few pics. I also threw in a belly pic just to show how round I'm getting. I got our little Natalie some more clothes this weekend. Some neighbors of ours were having a garage sale and they have a 1 year old little girl; I decided to see what they had and I hit the jack pot! They had some adorable clothes, all of them looked brand new, some even had tags still on them. I got her about 10-12 outfits for about $10, doesn't get much better than that! Most of the sizes were 6-12 months which will be perfect because we're pretty much stocked up on her newborn items. It's so fun to look at all her clothes and imagining her actually being here with us getting to wear them; it's going to be so much fun to have my girl! I can't wait to meet her.

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