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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32 ~ May 29, 2007
~ Getting Prepared

Not much too new on the baby front. She's still growing and as active as ever. I am noticing that I'm getting fuller a lot quicker when I eat, so my stomach must be getting pushed on pretty good at this point. My low back pain has actually improved a bit this week; I think maybe my body is finally getting used the weight and the new alignment of carrying this baby.

We spent most of our Memorial Day weekend doing more projects around the house. I guess you could call it nesting, but mostly just getting stuff done that was overdue. Tim and his dad made a lot of progress in our backyard. They cleaned out all our flower beds and put in fresh bark, it looks so much nicer now. They still have a little bit more to do, but it should be pretty low maintenance once they're finished. I was able to get a lot done inside the house. I got some deep cleaning done on our carpets and couches and I was also able to get all of Ryan's baby clothes sorted through and packed up. I gave some of his stuff away; it was hard to part with some of his cute little baby clothes, but there really wasn't a reason to keep all of it now that we know we'll be having a girl. We'll keep his stuff in storage for awhile until we decide if we're going to have any more babies, I think we'll have one more maybe in 3 years or so. But we're going to see how we do with 2 kids before we make any commitments.

We're basically officially ready for Natalie's arrival. We got our infant car seats out and cleaned up and the bassinet is ready. We got her swing and bouncy seat out of storage. I even got some newborn diapers this weekend and put them in the nursery. So really, I think other than packing a hospital bag, which I won't be doing for at least a few more weeks, we're set for her arrival. It makes me feel a little better knowing that if she did come early we'd at least be prepared and not scrambling to find a car seat and things like that. Now I'm hoping I can concentrate on work, getting everything set for my maternity leave so that if for some reason I do have this baby a couple weeks before my due date that everything will be in order there too. Ryan came about 11 days early, so I have no idea what to expect. I had a really stressful job at the time and we were really watching my blood pressure because it kept rising towards the end of my pregnancy, so I think that may have played a part in his early arrival. I'm hoping that this time I'll be more relaxed and so far my blood pressure has been excellent, so maybe she'll arrive right on schedule and make our transition nice and easy!

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