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Week 35 ~ June 19, 2007
~ Has She Dropped?

This was a busy, exciting, fun, and tiring week! First, I went to the 35 week OB appointment. Nothing too new to report at that visit, still gaining weight, I'm hoping it levels off soon! Blood pressure was still excellent, yeah! And I wasn't dilated at all and the baby still hadn't dropped. The doctor went ahead and scheduled me again for 37 weeks and he said he hoped that the baby would have dropped by that appointment. She is still head down so that's good news. He also said that he thinks we'll probably have a successful VBAC, which kind of surprised me that he would say that since really anything can happen but I think he was just thinking positively, but it was still encouraging.

My husband's family came into town this week and that has kept us very busy. Every evening we've had some sort of activity or family dinner to attend. It's been a lot of fun visiting with them and the kids have been having a lot of fun. Ryan's cousin is here who is 2 1/2 so they follow each other around and play all day long. It's lead to some very quiet nights and sleeping in since he wears himself out during the day. Last night we hosted everyone at our house, so I was busy cleaning all day and prepping the house for everyone's visit. I had a lot of food to prepare too. Somehow we pulled it off and everyone had a great time. After we ate dinner we decided to walk to the park down the street from our house, it's about a 1/2 mile walk. As we were walking I started to have some pretty good cramps. I assumed it was just from all the activity of the day and didn't worry too much about it. We played baseball and that was a lot of fun, I'm sure I was quite the sight trying to hit a ball with my big belly. I made sure to rest when we got home and I haven't had any cramps since then so I think it was just an isolated event. However, when I came into work this morning, two of the nurses I work with exclaimed that I had "dropped". I was pretty surprised, I looked down at my belly, and it does seem a bit lower, but I'm really not sure. They're both convinced I've dropped, so I thought maybe all the activity yesterday and the baseball game started making things happen.

Anyway, that's all to report for now. I'm looking forward to a restful week ahead. I'm thinking I should probably get that hospital bag packed sometime this week just to be extra prepared!

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