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Week 36 ~ June 28, 2007
~ No Action Yet

Well I went in for my 37 week OB check yesterday; I just made it to the 37 week mark yesterday so this week's entry is being written in retrospect. No dilation yet, but her head is still down and she's definitely dropped. I wasn't too surprised that I hadn't dilated yet, but I guess I was kind of hopeful that something was going on even though I am perfectly happy for her to stay put for the next couple of weeks. I am a little bit annoyed with the doctor's office though; I had a heck of a time scheduling the 37 week appointment, when I told the receptionist he wanted me back in two weeks at the 35 week appointment she said his next opening wasn't until mid July. I'm sure I looked at her like she was a complete idiot and I reminded her that he was wanting to see me weekly for prenatal checks. She still said she couldn't find anything and that I'd have to talk to the nurse. I was completely annoyed at this point and the nurse did call me the next day and found a spot for my appointment. The nurse just laughed when I told her the story and said that sometimes the schedulers don't really know what they're doing. So, anyway, I got the appointment and when I checked out yesterday basically the same thing happened. My doctor had told me he'd be out of town all next week but that the nurse would do my check. Well, the scheduler said there were no appointments. This time I didn't even debate it, I just called the nurse. She actually told me that both her and the doctor were out all week, so I could come in Monday, which I would still be 37 weeks, so that didn't make much sense, or I could wait and come in the following Monday when I'll be almost 39 weeks. I decided to wait and come in closer to 39 weeks. This just annoys me though, you're supposed to be seen weekly, yet there's no one around to do a simple prenatal check??? What about the other nurses, or the nurse practitioners, or the other 6 doctors that work at the clinic??? At first I was pretty mad, but then when I thought about it I can pretty much do the visit myself, I can check my blood pressure at work, and I can even do a urine check; we do routine urine dipsticks on patients all the time, so really it shouldn't be too big of a deal. Obviously I can always call the "on call" doctor or go to the ER if something comes up that's really concerning. So that was my drama for the week.

The rest of the week has been nice. I took Ryan to our neighborhood swimming pool over the weekend and we had a lot of fun, the water feels so nice when you're pregnant! I'm hoping we can go again this weekend. Ryan's starting to really enjoy the water and have fun learning to swim. My mom and I got pedicures over the weekend too, and that was nice. I've got to keep up on the toe polish since the big day is approaching and everyone sees your feet when you're laboring!

Work was busy last week and a little overwhelming, but so far this week has been much better and I feel like I'm finally getting prepared for my maternity leave. I think if I had to leave tomorrow most things would be taken care of which is a good feeling. We've been re-decorating our living room and family rooms the last two nights. We had some friends of ours move across the country and they decided they wanted to sell their furniture rather than move it. So we ended up buying their couch, loveseat, end tables, and big screen TV. It was a last minute thing so I've kind of been thrown for a loop trying to figure out what to do with our current furniture. But we finally made some head way last night and got a lot of the old stuff moved out and the new stuff moved in. It looks really nice and I'm very happy with it. It's very "Pottery Barnish", which tends to be the style I like. My husband loves the big screen TV, he's wanted one forever but we hadn't wanted to spend the money. This was such a great deal though that we just couldn't turn it down. So, that's been fun, but somewhat exhausting.

I haven't been sleeping all that well still. I usually just toss and turn after about 4am. I'm hoping that I get a good sleeper out of this new baby so that I won't get too sleep deprived; I'm already starting to feel that way and she isn't even born yet. On the good side of things, my back aches and rib pains have definitely gotten better; I think her moving down further into the birth canal has really helped.

I'm not really sure what our plans are for the 4th of July. We can't travel anywhere because it's so close to the due date, so that seems to be putting a damper on things. Hopefully we'll think of something fun to do and I'll have something exciting to report for next week.

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