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Week 39 ~ July 18, 2007
~ She's still not here!

Well this week was a little tough. Every day I'd walk in to work, and everyone would say, "You're still here???"", and when I'd leave at the end of the day they'd say, "Hopefully we won't see you tomorrow", and everyday I'd still arrive. I've actually worked fewer and fewer hours each day, everything has gotten pretty much taken care at work so I just don't have as much to do. We spent the weekend at home for the most part, getting caught up on laundry and cleaning. I don't think I've ever been this caught up on housework or laundry in my life. At one point there was not one dirty item of clothing or towels or bedding in the entire house! We'll see how long that lasts!

My sleep hasn't been that great, it's usually one good night and then one bad night. My feet have been swelling a lot, and that's really irritating me. My hands have also gotten really swollen and uncomfortable. We've been swimming at the pool quite a few days this past week, and that definitely helps for a short time.

I went to my OB appointment this afternoon, it was my due date today so I assumed I would have progressed at least slightly from last week but he didn't have much news for me. I was only dilated 1 1/2 centimeters and I think he was only being nice by throwing in the 1/2 part. He still talked about inducing or repeat c-section next week if I make it to 41 weeks. I'm really still hoping I don't make it that far. It sounds silly but my husband's birthday is next week along with my best friend's wedding, and I really thought I'd be able to attend both events with my little girl! I'm not sure if it'll work out that way, but I'm trying to remain positive and patient, but it's so hard when you're uncomfortable and anxious! I have moments or days where I feel pretty good and others when I'm pretty miserable and moody. Hopefully she'll arrive soon, we're all so anxious to meet her. I'm going to try my best in the next few days to walk, swim, do whatever I have to in order to get this labor started!

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