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Week 9
~ Getting Ready for the Holidays

Well, week 9 came and went without too many first trimester symptoms. My nausea hasn't been too bad; it's been a little easier to eat meals this week, which is always nice. And I seem to have a bit more energy, which is always welcomed by me!

It was another pretty busy week. Work has been very busy; everyone wants to get in for their doctor appointments before Christmas. I'm FINALLY done with my Christmas shopping and now just have about two hours of gift wrapping to get through. I'm excited to see how Ryan enjoys Christmas this year. I think he'll enjoy seeing his gifts and tearing into the wrapping paper. Last year he was only three months old, so it was pretty boring. He could have cared less about the gifts last year.

My birthday was Sunday and that was a lot of fun. My whole family got together and I got spoiled with lots of nice gifts. I'm officially 26 years old, which I'm okay with. Next year might be a little harder as it's getting closer to the Big 3-0, but for now I'll just enjoy being in my mid-20's!

My doctor's appointment is on Thursday, and I'm so excited! Even though I know I'm pregnant, I don't think it's really hit me yet. Hopefully once I get the doctor's confirmation, a due date, and that ultrasound pic then I'll really believe.

Have a great Christmas!

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