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Birth Story
~ She's here! - Lyla Kate born May 28th, 2011, 8:26am

FamilySo, the day after my 40 week doctor's visit I woke up about 1am with some weird contraction/cramping feelings. I could not fall back asleep so I ended up getting up about 2:30am and I started timing them. They were pretty mild and anywhere from 3-8 minutes apart. I got a little excited that maybe this was the beginning. I finally did fall back asleep and then once Tim started getting ready for work I told him what was going on and started timing them again. Now they were anywhere from two minutes to six minutes apart and some felt a bit stronger. I really didn't know what to do. I'd never had spontaneous contractions on my own with either of the other two kids. The guidelines my doctor gave me said to go to the hospital if you'd had contractions for two hours and if they were five minutes or less apart. I ended up calling labor and delivery and since it was my third baby they recommended I come in and be checked. I was reluctant though, because I did not want to be sent home!

8.4 lbs!Tim stayed home from work, and we took Ryan to preschool. We kept everything hush hush because I didn't want Ryan insisting on going to the hospital with us. We took Natalie to my in-laws and headed for the hospital. Of course the entire drive to the hospital I had zero contractions. I didn't have the best feeling about going in at this point but we figured we were already there so we might as well. The nurses were super nice, hooked me up to the monitor and I had a couple small contractions. The nurse said it was just early labor. She checked me and I was still 3cm. She checked with the on call doctor since mine was out of town and they sent me home. I was sad and disappointed. I felt like I'd gotten both families so excited and now nothing was happening. Tim wasted a whole day of vacation time as well and I had told my co-workers I wouldn't be into the office and that we were headed to labor and delivery. It really put me in a bad mood.

Lyla KateBut . . . as soon as I got home I went to the bathroom and noticed some bloody show or discharge. I thought, okay this baby really is coming sooner than later. I spent the rest of the day just kind of relaxing and visiting with family. That night my family had planned a little dinner out and a movie since one of my brothers was home on leave from Iraq. I was so exhausted and still having mild contractions and all I wanted to do was sleep but everyone wanted me to go out for one last night out before the baby came. I went ahead and went along with it. We saw "Hangover 2," not that great of a movie, and I ate the hottest nachos I could find on the menu at the restaurant we went to, hoping for one last effort to jump start labor. We finally called it a night and I crawled into bed around 10pm.

Then at 1am I woke up with cramping/contractions again, exactly like the night before. My gut instinct was telling me that this was it. I laid in bed for quite awhile, things were still pretty mild and then about 3:00 am I got up, straightened up the house a bit and decided to take a shower. I figured if I could hold out til 5 or 6 am that would really nice for Tim's parents who were going to come over and stay with our kids when the time came.

Casey, Natalie and LylaWell after my shower things intensified quickly. I started having such hard contractions that took my breath away, and I had to stop whatever I was doing. When I realized these contractions weren't slowing down I woke Tim up and told him to shower quickly and call his dad. About 20 minutes later we left for the hospital and I felt like I was dying! The pain was just too much. The contractions were about a minute apart and I was in awe of how painful they were. Tim drove about 90mph and we got to the hospital quickly and checked in at exactly 5am. I started crying as we were checking in because the pain was just too much, I couldn't control the tears. They hooked me up to the monitor and the contractions looked much different than the morning before, very strong and coming every minute, or less! The nurse checked me, I was 6cm dilated and they admitted me without any hesitation, yes!!!

The nurses were great and I told them I was terrified of not getting an epidural. They assured me I'd get it in time. Within about 15 minutes a very nice nurse anesthetist came in, he was my hero! He gave me the epidural and all the pain just went away, heaven! My mom arrived shortly after and a little after 8am the on call doctor came in and checked me and she said the baby's head was right there and I was fully dilated. It was surreal how fast and easy things were moving along. The nurses and doctor got prepped and with three contractions I pushed five times, and then they pulled my little girl out and laid her on my chest. She was so beautiful. She looked wonderful, healthy, and was screaming like crazy. And she looked so much like her daddy! They cleaned her off but let her stay right with me for a long time.

Ryan and LylaThey finally weighed her and she was 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches, perfection. She had lots of dark hair and she wanted to nurse immediately. She was actually sucking on one of the nurse's fingers when she was trying to get her all cleaned up! She nursed like a little pro and definitely hasn't looked back; she is a little piranha when it comes to nursing!

Ryan and Natalie came and met her shortly after she was born and have taken to her very well. Lyla is a great baby. She sleeps very well and I am in awe of her perfection. I just enjoy watching her sleep and cuddling her. I think knowing this is my last baby has made it so much more special. I just love her so much and I am so excited to see her grow up. Since we've been home, things have been a bit chaotic at times, but nothing we can't handle. I've actually been left alone with all three multiple times and we've all survived! I got back into the morning routine and was even able to do the pre-school drop off's in the morning.

Lyla KateMy only real set back was about a week after Lyla was born I woke up in the morning with a horrible fever, chills, and cramping. I immediately knew something was wrong and I called my doctor. He was able to get me in right away and thought I either had a bladder or uterine infection. I had never felt so sick in my life. I got antibiotics and started feeling better about 24 hours later, but it was a bit scary.

Life is slowly returning to normal and I think we've all adjusted quite well. We can't imagine our lives now without Lyla Kate. She is truly a gift. Thank you so much for following our journal; it's been quite the journey and we were so blessed to get the opportunity to share it.


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