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Week 10
~ Feeling Better and it's Halloween!

halloweenWeek 10 started off rough again with the nagging head cold and the nausea/morning sickness. But I ended the week finally on the up-swing. Cold symptoms are getting much better, and I'm so happy to report that my morning sickness is getting better! I don't have that all day nausea that I had been experiencing and I'm finally able to eat a real meal! I love it. I'm still eating smaller meals but that nagging stomach ache is gone.

We had a great Halloween with the kids! We all dressed as super heros. Ryan was Batman, Natalie was SuperGirl, my husband was the Joker, and I was Robin. We had a little family party at our house on Halloween night with relatives and then took the kids trick or treating. The kids did great, had a ton of fun, and now we have so much candy at the house that it is appalling! I included a pic of us in our costumes. I am sort of a holiday freak; I pretty much go all out with decorations, parties, etc. My husband is not a holiday freak so there is a lot of eye rolling and I know he's not a fan of wearing a costume but he was such a trooper and went along with it all. Ryan loved that we all were all dressed up together.


That was pretty much it for our exciting week. Baby is still growing nicely and belly is getting bigger. I'm really looking forward to hitting that 12 week milestone mark that now seems so close!


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