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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ Goodbye First Trimester!

This has been a good week. Like a magic switch my first trimester symptoms have gone away. No more nausea or morning sickness, I feel less tired, and I don't have to pee every five minutes! It's great! I have a bit of my head cold hanging on still, but it's nothing I can't handle. And I'm hungry! I think the weeks of eating little to nothing at each meal finally caught up with me because I feel hungry all the time now.

I had a work trip in Miami this week. It was a bit hectic traveling that far (we're in the northwest) but it was nice to have two very quiet nights by myself in the gorgeous 5-star hotel overlooking the ocean. Watching TV, ordering room service, and peace and quiet were just what the doctor ordered. My business meeting was really informative and worth the trip. I was definitely missing the kids by the third day so I was happy to return home to my little ones and they seemed pretty happy to have me back as well.

After I was home a few days I decided I wanted to get out all of our baby supplies. I've kept everything for the most part of Natalie and Ryan's so I knew we'd be pretty well set but it'd been so long since I looked through their baby stuff that I wasn't exactly sure what we had. I was pleasantly surprised when I went through our storage bins; we have plenty of newborn clothes for a baby girl or baby boy, and I have a ton of unisex stuff too so I think baby #3 is well stocked. I think deep down I was hoping we'd need a few things and I could go do some baby shopping, but I think we have more than enough and I should probably save the money for diapers and necessities. I had a child's dresser that we weren't using in one of the toy closets so I pulled that out and set it up in our bedroom and now it's stocked with all the cute pink and blue baby items. It looks really sweet in our room and it's a nice little reminder of our bundle of joy that will be arriving in six short months.


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