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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 13 & 14
~ Feasting

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving, and I feel like all we did this week was eat. My brother was visiting from out of town so we got together a few nights for dinner at my mom's which is always fun and she makes amazing meals. We had a great Thanksgiving Day with both sides of our family and that was yummy as usual. Then we had a busy football watching weekend that included even more food and family. So . . . I'm assuming the scale will definitely be going up by the next time I go to the OB for a check up. I've realized this is a pretty good time of year to be pregnant since food seems to be everywhere and it's nice to be able to indulge a little bit and not feel quite so guilty if you know you're "eating for two".

Baby is still growing nicely and my clothes are definitely getting tighter each day. I've gone shopping a couple times to look for maternity clothes but nothing at the store has caught my eye so I'm still making my pre-pregnancy clothes work. I pulled out my clothes from the past pregnancies but the styles are pretty spring/summerish since I had Ryan in September and Natalie in July. This baby is on a little bit of a different schedule season wise. I'm hoping I can stretch out what I've got for another month or so until I find some styles that I like.

Other than that our house has been pretty quiet lately, which is very nice since I'm sure that will start to change with all the upcoming holiday shopping, decorating, and celebrating that will be headed our direction.


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