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Week 15
~ Holiday Cheer & a Little Disappointment

This week we tackled our holiday decorating. Once again, I'm a bit of a holiday nut so I was eager to pull out all our decorations and get started . . . I tend to bite off a little more than I can chew and being pregnant on top of that added to quite a bit of exhaustion by the end of the week.

We got a fresh Christmas tree and Ryan helped me decorate it; he was so eager to do this and he got so excited each time he saw an ornament that he remembered, it was really cute! I was a bit worried about how Natalie would do with the tree this year but she's been really good. She'll sometimes pull on the branches or take off an ornament to play with, but nothing has gotten broken and no one has gotten hurt, so I think it's been a success so far. I hung the stockings, and put garland and lights up. We put up our extensive holiday village which is usually the biggest chore of all, and once again Ryan wanted to help with each piece and study it all very closely. We put up most of our outdoor decorations but our weather has been really cold and snowy so my husband opted not to climb on the roof and do lights along the trim of the house, which I was okay with. So now we have a very cozy and festive home to come home to each night, I love it!

This week my husband was offered a third interview for a job he's been really interested in. He is currently working a temporary part time job at one of our local hospitals. This job is at the same hospital, and we were both anxious and nervous to hear if he'd gotten it. It ended up being between him and one other person and they asked them each to do a mock training session to a group of managers for the final interview. He prepared the entire night before and put together a great presentation, we put together a sharp looking outfit and I had a good feeling he'd get this job. It was going to be such a great Christmas gift for the whole family for Tim to have this new job. Unfortunately, he heard pretty quickly after the interview that it was a really hard decision but they had chosen the other candidate. It kind of broke my heart. He's applied for so many jobs in the last year, and I really thought that it was the one. Tim's self esteem has taken such a huge hit, and it's so hard to stay positive. I keep thinking it will all work out and it just means there's a better job out there but it's getting more and more difficult to think that way. He has an interview for another position at the hospital this week so we're trying to keep our heads up but this unemployment issue is getting depressing. I would have never guessed he'd be unemployed for a year or more. So if Santa is listening, all daddy wants for Christmas is a good full time job with benefits, please.

Hopefully we will have better news to report in the next few weeks on the job front. As far as baby #3, he/she is doing great. I still feel great, tired at times but I actually have to sometimes remind myself that I'm even pregnant. We've been playing around with baby names. I think we've decided on our final ones but Ryan always comes up with something . . . a lot of times it's crazy things like "let's name the baby table!" and then he laughs and laughs. But sometimes he'll come up with something like Charlie, or Rosie for a girl, and even though they aren't names I'd probably have picked, I love that he's excited for a brother or sister and I'd love to be able to use one of his picks. It's getting harder and harder to not know the gender of the baby, and our ultrasound is scheduled for less than a month from now . . . I guess that will be our ultimate test to see if we can stick to not finding out. If we can make it through that appointment without asking the gender I think we'll make it to the end for the big surprise.


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