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Week 16
~ I'm Officially Old

Birthday!Well, this week marked my 30th birthday. I wasn't too worried about turning the big 3-0, but when the morning arrived I thought, "ughh, 30". It just doesn't have the same young ring to it like, 29! I did have a nice 30th celebration though. My co-workers treated me to cupcakes and a really nice gift certificate to a day spa that I'm REALLY looking forward to using. Then my parents took me, Tim, and the kids out to a very nice dinner. The following day on my actual birthday, Tim had his family over to the house and he made homemade pizzas and we played games, had birthday cake and opened gifts. It was a nice birthday and he did a great job planning it all, and I know he had been stressing about it. I also had a little get together with some girlfriends the weekend after my birthday and they surprised me with a birthday cake. I included a pic of me and my girlfriend, both of us turn 30 within weeks of each other, so it was a joint birthday cake; they are so sweet. Part of me is looking forward to the 30's . . . I'll be done having babies, hopefully my career will keep growing, and we'll become a little more stable. But, part of me is a bit sad to leave the 20's. The 20's were great, such exciting things took place and you could do so much because it was too early in your life to get too serious. Now I feel like the pressure is on to really start planning for the future, scary!

I did have another OB appointment this week, and everything is great with baby. Growing nice and big, I officially gained one pound, yay! My blood pressure was a bit elevated at the appointment and the nurse and doctor were a little concerned. I knew it was just the anxiety of the appointment itself that was making it go up, but the doctor wanted me to check it periodically until my next appointment. So, I've been checking it every night, and it's always low, so I feel pretty confident it was just a fluke but I'll continue to check it just in case. I developed preeclampsia when I was pregnant with Ryan so I definitely don't want to ignore it. I've been really anxious to start feeling movement by the baby. I know it's still a bit early but every once in awhile I think I'll have felt something, and then nothing. I'm hoping the kicks start soon. It's so much fun to share that part with your husband, and I think the kids will really enjoy feeling that too.


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