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Week 17
~ Ready for Christmas!

We are officially ready for Christmas. All the gifts have been bought, most of the presents are wrapped and all my grocery shopping is done! It feels so good to be ready and not doing any last minute shopping. The kids are getting so excited for the holiday. Ryan had his preschool Christmas program and it was adorable. Now he will be on break for two full weeks; hopefully we can keep his days occupied for him!

I treated myself to a pedicure/manicure and massage this week. It was so nice! I got the best foot massage of my life. Being pregnant definitely adds stress to the legs and feet, and I will be trying to get pedicures more often as the due date approaches.

My belly really popped this week as well. I definitely went from having a baby bulge to having an official bump; luckily I got some cute maternity clothes for my birthday last week so it's been fun to dress the bump. I have been waking up starving every morning and I'll be hungry late in the evening so I know this little one is increasing my appetite. I'm a little nervous to see how much weight I will have gained at my next appointment, but I figure if the baby needs it then there isn't much I can do about it. I'm really hoping I can start getting out and exercising a bit more too. I used to walk or do yoga a few times a week but the first trimester made me so tired that I got out of the habit. I really need to find the energy and stamina to start being more active.

That's about it for week 17, looking forward to a very Merry Christmas next week!


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